Los Banos Short Story

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I had just moved to los banos from San Jose. I just started going to a school at Westside . I went to the office to see the person in front I said "hi im new can you help me find my class.she said. your teacher is Mrs.r I’ll show you how to get to your class. I finally got to my class and. The teacher said "Have a seat at the back table. I sat down and there was a girl next to me. Her name was Maria we talked for a little while She said if I wanted to play at recess i said yes. "A few weeks past and Maria and i had some new friends there names were Serenity, Fernanda, and Mia. We were all friends in 4th grade until 5th grade Serenity and Maria got in a fight about a shirt. Maria didn't want to show Serenity her shirt but serenity wanted to

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