Loss Of Dynamism Research Paper

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Now, close your eyes if you want to be fully immersed. Imagine yourself swimming in the ocean on a sunny day. You can feel the warm light shine on your head. Suddenly, thick clouds come by and the light disappears. Still in the water, you cannot see the shore in the far distance. You don’t know what lies underneath the deep water, maybe a gigantic sea creature, or a little Nemo swimming past your feet. Open your eyes. How do you feel? Scared? Normal? Well, hopefully for a little moment, you felt suffocated. That kind of feeling, is what drives the desire to escape. An individual can choose to respond actively, or passively, depending on their personality. Fear, uncertainty, and panic, becomes the negative emotion an individual experiences.…show more content…
Not knowing what is out there, or what your future holds, pressures the mind of that person. Uncertainties like: “Am I going to be able to finish this homework in time? Or, am I going to be accepted in that university?” When that person can’t handle this kind of pressure, they decide to break for it. I believe we all can sympathize with that. Giving up, and feeling despair when something goes off track.

Now, a change in perspective, how would it feel to live like a panda in a zoo? We get fed everyday, and there’s no need to get food for ourselves. Quite an easy life. But how does feeling caged sound? Not able to roam in the forest, and not able to be completely free. Yet pandas live a fragile life, endangered from the wilderness. Mentally, we are more unstable when confined in a space and become vulnerable. Without freedom outside of constraint, it will be like covering yourself in a plastic bag unable to breathe.

And finally, ( I know right, it’s almost over!), It’s time to add in those cliches. Heh, that was supposed to be funny… ! Back to the topic I was discussing in this speech, I can’t stress on how it is completely okay to have the desire to run away. Although it may come back to you on the course of your life in the future. No
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