Loss Of Lazarus In The Gospel Of John

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Jesus too, knew what it was to grieve. Yes, God in the flesh who had the power to restore life to the dead, still grieved at the loss of His close friend and shared in the grief of the family.
In the Gospel of John, there is the account of Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha. Lazarus became sick and the sisters sent for Jesus right away. They knew of His ability to perform miracles, and as a close family friend, assumed that He would jump at their summons. But Jesus did not come right away-He waited. He knew God was setting a plan in motion. During this time of waiting Lazarus died.

When Jesus finally travelled to the sisters’ home days later, Martha ran out to meet Him, but Mary stayed inside. She may have felt betrayed, maybe pretty angry. She believed in Jesus and His power to save, she had called Him- but He hadn’t shown up in the moment that meant the most to her.
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Mary then ran to Him. You can picture this weeping woman, feeling abandoned by the one person she put her faith in. She hadn’t immediately gone to Him, even when she knew He was near, after all, He’d forgotten her, right? But when Jesus calls her by name-she runs to Him. Maybe she knew inside that the one she had felt betrayed her, was the only one who could give her comfort- maybe she knew deep down that He could never really forget her.
So she falls at His feet weeping and accusing Him about a loss that He could have prevented. Jesus takes one look at her and was “deeply moved.” He asks her to take Him to the grave where they had laid Lazarus’ body. And there Jesus wept. John 11:35- Jesus wept. Shortest verse in the Bible. Possibly the most poignant. He cried, even though He knew that in minutes, Lazarus would be raised and Mary’s pain would be relieved. But first, Jesus wept right along with her, sharing that heavy

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