Love In Erich Fromm : The Art Of Love

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As described in psychoanalytic theory, development is important. The same is true for love. Individuals learn to love at birth and then learn to give love as they mature. Early development is a time of motherly love. As individuals grow older and experience early childhood and adolescence, brotherly love, self-love, and love of God are commonly developed. Through maturity, experience, and practice an individual develops a need and desire to find erotic love. Each form of love, as described by Fromm, can relate to a particular stage presented through psychoanalytic theory. A counselor can use the art of love to work with clients. Erich Fromm describes love as a need. If counselors believe Fromm and understand love as an art, a counselor could use love as a foundational principle for therapy. For example, a client may supper from depression. If a therapist learns of the client’s family history, the therapist may find the lack of motherly or fatherly love to be one cause of the client’s depression. The therapist could work with the client using different counseling theories to establish healthy loving relationships in the client’s adulthood. Finally, the therapist could teach the client about the different forms of love and assist the client in developing a sense of comfort in a variety of love forms. Throughout my reading of Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, I experienced moments of agreement and disagreement with multiple different ideas presented within the text. The

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