Love Marriage Is Becoming Common Among The Young Generation

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I Still Remember Her
I come from a culture Afghanistan, where people fall in love very rarely. Everyone mostly goes with arranged marriage and this has been going on for centuries. If someone falls in love with another it would be difficult for them to get married because culturally it 's a shame and it will bring chaos among both families if they find out. However, lately love marriage is becoming common among the young generation in spite of its difficulties. When I was growing up, my mother would always tell me that I should not fall in love with anyone because she believed strongly in arranged marriage like she had with my father. After graduated from high school, I got a job in an international organization. Some of my co- workers were female. I was too shy to talk with any girl in our office because my mother had already told me that I should not be close with girls. She did not mean that I should be very rude with girls, but she did not want me to have a girlfriend. I did not blame her because that is how she had grown up. Although I tried not to fall in love with anyone, however, I could not marry with my first love. My second and last job before coming to America was with the United Nations as provincial training officer in Afghanistan. I met a beautiful girl in the office. She was from a very upper class family. She had rich blond and long hair, 5.7 feet tall. Her eyes glittered like stars flourished on the night sky with phenomenal hazel which is not that common

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