Love Of A Mother Essay

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Mother is the woman who gave birth to you. Mother is the one who knows all about you and Mother is the one who sacrifice all for you. So all mother in the world should be respected because we all know that they deserve it and always remember that we are here because of them. Love, respect and care your mother as you can, Because if you love someone you feel that they are very important to you and if you respect you have a good opinion of them, and lastly if you care you feel that it is important and are concerned about it.

She is the first person to sacrifice her life by giving birth to all of us children. She taught us how to walk, talk and smile. Our first mentor and teacher in helping us determine what is right and wrong. That is how our mothers are! Some moms, especially in our new generation evolve as the sole providers of the family. Many are saying that mothers are the emotional backbones of the family. If problems occur they are the strongest person to hold back and we can …show more content…

She is her children’s best friend. A mother is someone who loves you unconditionally and more than life itself. Mothers are angels in disguise sent from God to watch and help us through our troublesome times. We hardly stop to think of how they feel and if they need help, we abuse them in a sense by not appreciating them enough. The definition for love is a great liking or affection. But love is something stronger. Love doesn’t give up, doesn’t have a swelled head and doesn’t force itself on others. Love isn’t jealous, is always forgiving and without love, we are nothing. A mother’s love is a bond that connects us together, even before birth. It is stronger than any feeling of hate or fury. Love takes on everything, even if it can’t carry it all. Mothers may seem just like ordinary people, but they are really super heroes in disguise! They show their love in a million different ways every

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