Love That Can Kill By Kate Chopin

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Love That Can Kill When we think about marriage, we think it is happy moments with loved ones. It is knowing that someone has your back. Also, it is wishing you were the one having the operation or the ill. Not him. It is hard work that not all people can handle. Marriage is hard work that needs to be made from love. Wife needs to be the person that keeps the house in good look and supports her husband. As for the husband he needs to be the head of the family that helps his wife to keep their marriage. Marriage is built on love, understanding and support of each other. In the marriage, it is important to keep each other happy. If the love and happiness disappear from marriage, it is hard to keep the family together. In those two short…show more content…
Louise says to herself that now she is free over and over she says that she is free. As for many Mary is don’t repeat the word free, but she knows that now she is free from her husband. Equally they feel that their marriage the worthiest thing for them. Those two women had in common a secret that they were unhappy and maybe beaten by their husbands or maybe they were forced to get married to them. William was strict with everything that Mary was doing. Besides, “he had also disapproval of children, and as a result they had never had any of them either.”(Dahl 190). It is interesting that for thirty years that they lived together they never had children. Maybe if they had a child, William wound changed from cold husband to a warm father. Similar was Louise with her husband they also did not have children during the time they were together. In the story “William and Mary” Mary was an unhappy wife that wanted to live more free life that she did not have with William. She wanted to smoke cigarettes and spend money. She sounds like an otherwise healthy person. Also, it looks like she did not have friends. Maybe William isolated her from her friends and family. While Louise from the “Story of an Hour” looked calmer and friendly in the story. She had few friends that loved her. Her sister Josephine, and friend Richard was near her when she was in the hospital. Also, she had a heart trouble that did not allow her to do many
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