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Though intriguing, heaven can sometimes be a fear. People try to imagine what it might be like to leave this Earth, and soon they slowly come spiraling back down from their mountain of clouds, and realize that is incomprehensible to imagine such an event. Due to this inability to fully grasp the meaning of the after life, people have begun to have different perspectives on what heaven means to them. Some fear death, while others invite it into their lives either out of curiosity or hope. As for Susie Salmon, she neither feared death nor encouraged it. Her murder was an unexpected one, but George Harvey was the only one expecting this moment for weeks. The Lovely Bones (novel by Alice Sebold and movie directed by Peter Jackson) …show more content…

But for those capable of surpassing this difficulty, it can be quite amusing and intriguing to visualize one’s own heaven. To some, it might mean open fields of green. To others, it could similarly be the same house they have been living in for years. The beauty of imagination is that no one will ever tell you that you are wrong in your mental imagery. As a powerful tool, imagination continues to impress those willing to allow creativity to flood the mind, escaping reality completely. When reading the novel, readers can incorporate Sebold’s descriptions of heaven, and adjust them accordingly so that they fit into a vision that seems right to the reader. This ability to create an entire world inside one’s head is remarkable, and it is even more astonishing to make connections between a fictional character’s world, and one’s own. Novels give a reader an opportunity to mentally visualize events and situations that an individual would normally never find the time to think about.

“Two days later, Franny’s map led me to a field that I had always walked by but which, though beautiful, I’d left unexplored. The drawing had a dotted line to indicate a path. Searching nervously, I looked for an indentation in the rows and rows of wheat. Just ahead I saw it, and as I began to walk between the rows of paper dissolved in my hand. I could see an old beautiful olive tree just up

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