Lovienthal: A Short Story

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Lovienthal slammed the accelerator to the floor again, and Ruby pulled away from Mr. Grabranski with a squeal and a whiff of singed rubber. Steaks tailed close behind and as they passed by Mr. Grabranski, but as they moved, Steaks took the opportunity to clip Mr. Grabranski with his front fender, the same as Lovienthal had done to the old man. With the impact, Mr. Grabranski been sent tumbling ass-over-tea-kettle and back down to the ground for a third time while Steaks shouted at him through his window, “Take that, sucka!” They made their way down the block as furtively as possible, not wanting to be seen by anybody. The carnage that they were witnessing was still just beginning to unfold like a machination bestowed …show more content…

Gun shots rang out seemingly from everywhere and from all directions. Lovienthal was nearly forced off the road on several occasions as they made their way through the streets, either by erratic oncoming traffic as if in a game of chicken, or when they’d reached areas of the park where the roads narrowed to a single lane after becoming clogged with wrecked and abandoned vehicles. It was quickly becoming more-and-more difficult to navigate Ruby through the clogged streets, the wreckage working against their egress like a …show more content…

She stumbled back and away from Ruby, leaving a greasy, smeared hand print down the window. Lovienthal turned looking behind him to see Steaks hanging out the side of his SUV, gun in hand and trying to take aim again. Not wasting any time, Lovienthal punched the gas and Ruby took off, rear tires smoking and squealing as they gained a purchase on the road. “Jeez, man, that was a good shot.” Lovienthal said humbly while looking back at Steaks through his rearview mirror. “Not so great, he was pretty close to her.” V.Q. replied sounding dismissive. “I could shoot a dime out of an eagle’s mouth at a thousand yards.” “Yeah, sure you can, whatever...” Lovienthal said as he concentrated back on the road. As they pulled up to Lake Avenue Lovienthal spotted Morgan Quan running up the street with what looked like two of the infected giving a slow ill-at-eased chase behind him. “Help me! Help me!” the boy cried out as Lovienthal pulled Ruby up next to him. Steaks keeping his Cadillac close behind. “These people…” Morgan cried out in terror. “These people have gone fucking crazy. Let me in? Please, Please!” he

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