Low Battery: A Short Story Of A Low Gun

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Low battery. Exactly the two words I didn’t want to see right now. Usually, i’m pretty smart about keeping my charger but of course this would be the one time I forget to grab it off the dresser. My head is pounding, the road ahead of me looked so lonely. Feeling intrepid, I took what I thought was the back-way home. “Help! Help! Help! I heard screaming from the lonely streets. “Am I not the only one here?” The question repeated itself in my head. Not sure what to do, I screamed back. “Where are you?” Nothing was said back. I got anxious, picking up my speed I bolted. Looking to my right side I noticed a gate, a small one. I couldn’t stop shaking, I could feel a panic attack coming. Arriving, I realized there was something on the gate. “Barbwire...oh

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