Lowering The Rising Rates Of Obesity

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In order to stop the rising rates of obesity, there has to be some steps taken to ensure that parents are educated about such programs that will teach them about the effects of different foods and what is actually considered healthy for young children to eat. Sarah Barlow and the Expert Committee (2007) state that the parents being the primary caregivers should track unhealthy eating habits and assess the medical risks in children when children are consuming unhealthy foods. Many of the junk foods that are bought today in stores are usually packed with additives and high amounts of sugar thus the over consumption of these certain foods will have many negative health risks. As Pearson et al. state, “While the causes of childhood obesity are complex, one of the contributing factors is the over-consumption of energy dense foods, that is, foods high in fat, salt and sugar, such as most snack foods” (Boots et al., 2015, p. 94). Most foods that are made today are mostly process and packed high with unhealthy fats, sugar and sodium contents. These ingredients are the reason obesity occurs in children, due to the fact that children typically love candy and other foods that are not nutritious for the body. Such unhealthy diet choices may lead to obesity and may also cause diseases to enter the body. Pearson et al. and Emmett and Jones both associate the risks of poor diet towards diseases and obesity, which can be seen in numerous children today. The consumption of such foods that
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