Lowering The Voting Age

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A controversial issue that we have come upon are the arbitrary age boundaries that have been placed upon teens and their abilities. Maturity is something that most adults think teens are not capable of representing because they are going thru a phase and they are trying to find out who they are but in reality we are trying to construct ourselves. Many adults have subsequently asked teens “What do you know?”(Simmonds). In their perspective we are seen as children that cannot distinguish the right from the wrong as “mature” adults do. What truly makes us mature? At what age are we wisely acknowledged? Although the legal age of adulthood in this country is a controversial issue, the current system in place for determining the age of responsibility …show more content…

“Teens, you need to believe in your voices, and adults, you need to listen.” (Simmonds) If we have a voice or a saying then we will be taken into account; in other words, we will make a big difference. Even more important, our wants and needs will be taken in consideration to politicians because they will be ones wanting to gain votes from us since our voice will be heard and it won’t be downgraded like it has always been. The voting rates will increase if teens are allowed to vote. According to the article “Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age", “One’s political leanings are influenced by their community and their family, and it is likely young voters will vote in much the same way as their parents, not because they are coerced to do so, but because of shared values.” In other words don’t stress about it adults we aren't going to be making absurd decisions. “If we let stupid adults vote, why not let smart youth vote?”(“Top Ten Reasons”) With this in count we will have more possibilities to change and to shape our future because we will be one of the most important …show more content…

Age is just a number, life is just a road, maturity is just undefined. Teens may seem to be going thru a phase but that doesn't mean anything . They can feel empathy, be mature and responsible.We are no cold blooded work robot but a person who is understanding yet goofy. All we need to do is to be heard and for adults to stop taking our ideas as a joke. We need the respect and trust in us because we can do great

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