Lsap Program Reflection

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If there was anything I learned last year as a freshman is that the path towards medical school can be mentally deprecating. The classes I took last year challenged my intelligence and mostly challenged my confidence. It is easy to give in to pressure and your own insecurities, especially as an African American entering a career field that is underrepresented by people who reflect you and your struggles. It is trying and a constant battle to empower yourself.

However, I am one who does not give up. I am one who refuses to fall victims to my insecurities. I am one who rejects the labels that society has put upon my color meant to discourage me. I am one who listens to my intuitions and thoughts that remind me of who I am and what I am working for. I am one who tirelessly chases after success.

Most importantly, I am one who seeks spaces that will build my character and my confidence as an African American woman. The LSAMP Program is a space that recognizes the unique qualities of people of color and weaves these qualities together with their curriculum to create people who are strong, educated. The LSAMP Program is a healthy space for people of color who are passionate about science and stem disciplines to congregate, unite, and act.The …show more content…

I would like to be selected to serve as an LSAMP Scholar because it is a community that understands the struggles that minority groups face. It is a community that works to improve any weak areas or any weak mentalities. The programmatic requirements are there to supplement the education I am receiving and to build my character, confidence, and intelligence. I am one who would utilize the resources given to me and I am one who is consistent with my actions. I am one who is open to any type of development, support service that will allow me to better myself. I am one who already utilizes many of support services required in the LSAMP Program, such as REACH tutoring and

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