Lucifer To Hell Research Paper

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As for my understanding of the angels, demons, and satan, I believe that all three are powerful forces, found within a realm that humans cannot truly grasp. I believe that demons can find ways to hide who they really are, turning things completely upside down in our lives, and through others. I truly believe that angels are sent to us, by God to protect us from the evil that comes from satan and his minions and that they can make themselves visible to whom God chooses to. As for my stance on the redemption of the devil, I still do not feel I know enough on the doctrine to make a final judgement. Now coming from that, based on my upbringing, satan will never be redeemed. I believe that demons are fallen angels, especially the ones that followed Lucifer to …show more content…

For the believer, it is important to be aware of the beliefs around you and to be careful of what you adapt into your own theology. As said before the Jewish people adapted some ideas of the devil, angels and demons from the beliefs of the cultures surrounding them. It is also important to not allow the idea of angels to overpower the true reason we are here, on this earth, and have the pleasure in knowing in creatures such as angels. For the church I feel it is important to also to keep in mind the influence culture may be having on the belief of demons, satan and angels. Again like I said earlier, we live in a culture that finds these things more appealing than, I personally feel we should. I believe the church needs to be mindful of the fact that possessions are real, and that in some cases an exorcism may need to be performed to cure the possessed. Having a member on staff that is trained to do this properly is important, not only for the one who is possessed, but for the church

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