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Lucille Ball

	Lucille Ball has made significant and positive contributions to the country with her comedy. Many consider her America's best female actress. Kathleen Brady, in fact, says, "Lucille Ball is one of the greatest performing artists America has produced" (ix). Throughout her career, Ball has not only been a comedienne, but also a superb businesswoman, an excellent role model, and has won numerous awards.

	Lucille Ball's major contribution has been as a comedienne. Not only was she the star of the world renowned television show, I Love Lucy, but she has also performed on radio, in films, and even on Broadway. Ball had an extraordinary personality. "In short, Lucille Ball's unique brand of wacky …show more content…

After her split with Desi Arnaz, "Lucille Ball at last realized her dream of Broadway success, opening in the musical comedy Wildcat on Dec. 16, 1960" (Moritz 34). Clearly her talents were varied.

	In addition to being an exceptional comedienne, Ball was a superb businesswoman. While she was married to Desi Arnaz, she and Arnaz bought out RKO radio station, and changed its name to Desilu. After she and Arnaz divorced, Lucy bought all of his shares of Desilu (Moritz 34). This was very uncommon for women to do at this time. It was very rare that women even had any say about what was going on. This proved her strength as a woman. When she was ready to sell Desilu, Ball made a handsome profit from selling the company for $17,000,000 to Gulf & Western in 1967. Obviously she knew what she was doing. In fact, Gloria Steinem said, "I admire her as a business woman. You know, she really seemed to control her entire professional life and was very, very smart" (100 Years of Great Women). She was certainly a brilliant businesswoman.

	Because of her unbelievable talent as an actress, comedienne, woman, and person in general, Lucille Ball has become a role model for many people. Among these people are Rosie O'Donnell, Carol Burnett, and Bette Midler. In fact, Rosie O'Donnell said, "Lucille Ball paved the way for every female performer, I think, today. You know, you have to honor those who came before you and give a hand to those who

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