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Views on Lucinda Matlock is precisely interesting and it has an indubitable meaningful range from how it is expressed. In the same way that the poem interests me because of the messages behind it. I admire how the fact that it explains how this carries in a way love and how one person found their other meaningful person similar to what people do today. More importantly, it is uncommon for a mother to lose so many of her kids at the same time and bury them at the same time as well. Almost all have love in their life whether that's being with whom they allegiance as a partner, brother or sister, parent, or family member but there's love in everyone's life, in this case, its husband and wife. With the definition of getting married, living together, raising kids working, having a place to live in and losing family members passing away and all the despair is a way that relates to our world we live in today. The issue of the connotation of this poem is about finding joy and conveying how to be a beautiful life is. As formerly living with action or excitement. Basically interpreting how Lucinda Matlock life was before she succumbed. When she says "One time after changing partners" all for that was why and how she met her husband Davis all with the cause of a promenade and switching participants. Over time they partner together with Lucinda caring for both of their innumerable children. As Lucinda conveys "Enjoying, working, raising the twelve children/ eight of whom we lost"

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