Luis Barragán was an Influential Figure in Architecture from Mexico

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An influential figure in architecture of the twentieth century, Luis Barragán made his mark by inciting an architecture of modern simplification of form and imbuing it with the warmth and vibrance of his native Mexico. He is celebrated for his mastery of space and light and use of vivid colors and textural contrasts in his works. Aside from his architectural design, he is noted for his distinct approach to landscape design, which sought to accentuate natural surroundings and enhance the local foliage and terrain of Mexico. Though his formal education is in engineering, his ever growing fascination with architecture impelled his desire to develop his own take on modernism and led him to modernize Mexican architecture. Luis Barragán was born on March 9th, 1902 in Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. Son of wealthy, conservative parents, Barragán was raised on an estate owned by the family in the southern state of Jalisco. His parent’s would afford him opportunities that would soon shape his future as an influential Architect. At the age of 17, Barragán enrolled in the Escuela Libre de Ingenieros (Free School of Engineers) in Guadalajara and began his education as an Engineer. Throughout his education, Barragán worked for various builders and, after a few years, for his brother Juan José—who was an engineer. During this time, Barragán’s fascinated with Architecture began to blossom. In 1923, at the age of 21, Luis Barragán received his degree in engineering and continued his

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