Luke Reflection

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The book of Luke followed the basic timeline of Jesus’ life, as did the book of Matthew and Mark. What I took away from the book of Luke that was different than the others was the focus on stories about healing the sick and the less fortunate; also the themes of forgiveness. This book made Jesus seem more compassionate than any other books. This book shows the way into Heaven is through selflessness and repentance. I think that the stories Luke tells in the book are very strong and the message of how God forgives sticks out. One of the stories that I am talking about is the story about the man with two sons. This story talks about how the youngest son runs off with his inheritance and sort of denounces his family for money. The boy runs out of money and crawls back to his family. The older brother is angry at him but surprisingly the father welcomes his son with open arms and a big party. The son asks for forgiveness and he is forgiven. I think the message of this story is that God will forgive your sins if you confess them and ask forgiveness for the things you know you have done wrong. I am not sure what the meaning behind the older brother being upset at his father forgiving the son. I can only speculate that the older brother is human nature and that it is in our nature to not be upset when things are unfair. The second story that stuck out to me was the story at the end of the book that talks about the two disciples who don’t recognize Jesus. The story tells us that two

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