Lup Fiasco Words I Never Said Analysis

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“Words I Never Said” by Lupe Fiasco
Are we being brainwashed by the government? Are we scared to stand up for our rights and speak the truth? Lupe Fiasco, a political activist, tackles such questions in his rap “Words I Never Said”. Lupe Fiasco raps about political matters such as 9/11, the American government, and the Islamic-Palestinian conflict. Lupe Fiasco rants about how our society is being brainwashed by the government and the only solution to this problem is if the people rise up together. I chose this song because it has a strong lyrical message that left a powerful impression on me. Throughout each of his three verses, Lupe Fiasco conveys his opinion on the critical matters at hand, the government fiscal policy, the war on terror, and
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He talks about how we do not understand the conflict that is occurring in the Middle-East. This is also in his second verse of the song “Now you can’t say it ain’t our fault if we heard it/But if we know better then we probably deserve it”. The second part of this quote uses an antecedent-consequence relationship. Lupe Fiasco extends his critic by calling out the uneducated people on this sensitive topic in “Jihad is not a holy war, where’s that in the worship? /Murdering is not Islam!”. Jihad is the Arabic term for “struggle” and murder is forbidden in Islam contrary to the Islam-phobic propaganda among daily news. Lupe Fiasco defends Islam and speaks about how the religion is more than just the extremists that frequent breaking news headlines. "And you are not observant, and you are not a Muslim" is a form of anaphora scheme, which uses the first part of the phrase more than once. In addition, Lupe Fiasco wants the public to know that he does not take sides in the line “Israel don’t take my side ‘cause look how far you’ve pushed them” referring again to the Islamic-Palestinian conflicts in the Middle
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