Lyndon Johnson's Time in Office

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In the 1960s, America was in a realm of turmoil and upheaval. During President Kennedy’s term, there was a rise of race riots, sexual and drug revolutions and many anti-war protests. Upon President Kennedy’s assassination, President Johnson came into office with a plan to “correct” society. President Johnson constructed programs to help aid the poor and elderly with medical costs, food stamps, along with aid for education which all came to be known as part of the Great Society programs. Though he did join the United States in the Vietnam War and was unable to navigate out of it, his success in dealing with social, economic and political issues are overshadowed. President Johnson recognized America’s need of support from the government. As it is said in Doc. A “the nations aged now face another aspect of insecurity.”, which is the high costs of healthcare. Abraham Ribicoff, secretary of health, education, and welfare, testified before the House of Representatives in 1961 “with life spans lengthened, with medical science breaking into undreamed realms of discovery”, this statements makes one wonder if the government will aid the older generation as society progresses? Though Johnson was not in office during this time, his later creation of medicare, which survives to this day, provides the elderly with necessary funds to cover costly pharmaceuticals. Not only does medicare aid the elderly but is a form of federal welfare assistance. As stated before, Johnson recognized the

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