Lynnhaven River Oysters Research Paper

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Did you know that oysters are making an awesome comeback? They are very important to our ecosystem, and the Lynnhaven River is a great place to make their home. People are coming up with creative ways to ensure that oysters will be a part of our world for centuries to come. The water where oysters live is also very interesting. This all combines to make a plethora of information that feeds millions of minds. Oysters play an extremely important role in our ecosystem. Oyster flatworms and leeches lay their eggs inside oyster shells for protection. When the tide covers oysters, they filter alagae and detritus. Adult oysters can filter 25-50 gallons of water every day! When they are uncovered, they hold up the grass, which supports the food web. Oysters …show more content…

Without oyster reefs, animal habitats are lost because the current is pushing against the shore, endangering the animals. Oyster reefs allow marsh grass to grow. Oyster reefs also provide habitats for oysters, shrimp, and crabs. Oyster castles help prevent shore erosion and water clarity. In addition, oysters exist here in the Lynnhaven River for many reasons. Oysters can SURVIVE in 5-35 ppt( parts per thousand), but they especially thrive in 12-25 ppt. Salinity levels also impact the presence of diseases. For example, at 10 ppt oysters can get diseases such as MSX or Dermo. If the salinity is below 10 ppt for 10 or more days, MSX will be eliminated. In places with lower salinity,around 12 ppt, oysters grow slower. In places with higher salinity, around 25 ppt, oysters grow faster. Their growth can also be affected by tempreature, food, and disease. The Lynnhaven River has high salinity, lots of food, and minimal diseases in most locations,ideal conditions for an oyster. Equally important is the roles other animals play to oysters and their ecosystem. Bioturbators are animals that dig up sediments and particles while making their burrows. Mud crabs are dominant

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