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CHAPTER 6 WEB, NONSTORE-BASED, AND OTHER FORMS OF NONTRADITIONAL RETAILING CHAPTER 6 Single & Multiple Channel Retail Options Figure 6-1 p. 135 Direct Marketing: Nature, Evolution, and Implementation Figure 6-4 pp. 138-141 9 tips for Devising an Online Retailing Strategy Figure 6-9 p. 150 Multiple Choice - Terminology/Concept 1. A store-based retailer that uses the Web to expand its target market has evolved from _____ to _____. a. single-channel retailing; multi-channel retailing b. mass marketing; concentrated marketing c. differentiated marketing; mass marketing d. independent; a fully integrated vertical marketing system 2. Which of the following is not always an example of nonstore…show more content…
a. a duration of under 5 minutes b. a program-length commercial c. use of fringe times d. use of cable or broadcast television 17. Which statement concerning global direct marketing is not correct? a. There is a decreasing acceptance of nonstore retailing outside the United States. b. Outside the United States, annual direct sales are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. c. Eddie Bauer and Lands’ End are among the firms with a significant international presence. d. There are direct marketing trade associations in such diverse countries as Australia, Brazil, China, and Russia. 18. The first step in enacting a direct marketing strategy is to _____. a. define one’s business b. select media c. generate customers d. arrange order fulfillment 19. A prospective consumer who has never been sought before by a direct marketer can be classified as a _____. a. nonregular b. nonrespondent c. new trial d. new contact Multiple Choice - Terminology/Concept 20. Which types of consumers are most likely to respond to a direct marketer? a. regulars and nonregulars b. regulars and new trails c. regulars and new contacts d. buyers and users 21. Which types of consumers are least likely to respond to a direct marketer? a. new contacts and nonrespondents b. nonregulars and new contacts c. nonregulars and nonrespondents d. nonregulars and new trails 22. The system to process a direct marketing order is referred to as _____. a. outsourcing b.
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