MGT 599 SLP 3 Internal Analysis Kraft Foods Essay

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Module 3 SLP
MGT 599 Strategic Management
Dr. Nanette Metz

Business Dictionary defines internal analysis as “a review of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses that focus on those factors within its domain” (2014). Conducting an internal analysis allows organizations to adapt and change the way they conduct business in order to remain competitive. Internal analysis obtains information from financials, operational and marketing departments to help management determine strategic planning for future growth. In this paper the author will discuss an internal analysis of Kraft Foods.
Tangible Resources Investopedia defines tangible assets as assets having a physical form,
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Additionally Kraft Foods opens their plant facilities to other company’s allowing for the “develop of ingredients and applications for their products” (Kraft Foods, 2014).
Intellectual Resources
Intellectual resources encompass the collective knowledge of the organization that is gained overtime through experience and education (Xaxx, n.d.). Kraft Foods has a very diverse portfolio which includes ownership of numerous patents worldwide which covers basic packaging techniques to processes relating to specific products and the products themselves (Kraft Foods, 2014). These patents protect the unique products of Kraft Foods that distinguish them from their competitors.
Kraft Foods is a household name that has been around for over 100 years providing consumers with quality products they demand (Kraft Foods, 2014). Conducting research on trends and demands has generated trust, respect and goodwill from their consumers allowing Kraft Foods to become number two in the food industry (Kraft Foods). In addition to goodwill Kraft Foods has developed strategic alliances with extremely powerful customer, i.e. Wal-Mart, which account for 23% of their total net revenues (Kraft Foods Financial Report, 2013). Kraft Foods understands that the loss of these relationships will generate “decreased sales, financial position and operating results” (Kraft
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