Macarthur's War: A Short Story

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HIs faintest recalled memory, or bugles, still ringed in his ears. He remembers,”...I learned to ride and shoot even before I could read or write–indeed, almost before I could walk or talk…” He remembered having a score comparable to General Lee’s. PBS states ”...he would achieve one of the finest records in Academy history.” There was no time for remembering, because this was war. A blast struck the ground and made the trampled trench dirt explode into a flurry or sediments. He was surrounded by men coming from sea to shining sea from the U.S. The men wore patches that embraced to the Rainbow insignia they all proudly wore. He was colonel, but before that, a Major. He had advanced very far. He believed he could continue his legacy into something greater. BOOM! A gun went off, and hit one of his men. He raced toward the wounded soldier. He knew him well, as he did all of the other men in …show more content…

MacArthur ran behind them, when a steamy spray had exploded out of a hole in the gas bomb, and caught up to the escaping, fearful U.S. soldiers. It caught MacArthur, and he did his best to protect himself from the potential mustard gas. He still ran, and ran until he was out of reach from the gas. As did the others. They all thought the same thing: this is truly a World War. Douglas MacArthur served with effort, bravery, and courage, so much as he had accomplished many things in this war since the year before. He went off of his own version of orders, and most were remarkably triumphant: “He had developed the habit of preparing meticulous plans so that his subordinates could stay in HQ while he went to the trenches to inspire the troops even though as chief of staff, he belonged in HQ. Soon after he received his promotion, he was given command of one of the division’s two brigades, but he continued to lead from the front...”

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