Macbeth Character Analysis

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Macbeth may be perceived as a monster, however there are three distinct actions which cultivated the perfect monster. “Macbeth is not a monster, rather, he is a man, perhaps more inclined to evil than most men, but still a man who is tempted, succumbs to temptation and pays the price for his weakness.” The quote given wraps up the entire play of Macbeth in 35 words. When the reader first analyzes the quote they can see the quote clearly state, “Macbeth is not a monster”. But why? Shouldn’t he be convicted as such for the horrendous things he did? Killing the king, betraying his friends, and killing their families? Slaying thousands due to these Witches telling him he was destined to? Doesn’t Macbeth have control over his own destiny? As it transpires to be, Macbeth is only turning to his natural instinct of lust for power and the fear to stand against the will of the Witches, their apparitions, and even his own wife. Even though he did what not a lot of other people are willing to go through with, he still must make up for his actions. Macbeth payed the ultimate price by losing his friends, his wife, his kingdom, and his life.
To clarify what caused Macbeth to proceed with these crimes were these three events.
One, the Witches. A trio of wayward sisters who prophesied Macbeth would kill King Duncan because they predicted that he would be “Thane of Cawdor” and “King hereafter” (Act I, Scene 3). Although, were the Witches evil by giving the hope of being king to someone that

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