Macbeth Findlaech Biography

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Macbeth Mac Findlaech, was born in 1005. He was the son Findlaech Mac Ruaridh, and his mother was Gruoch, she was a daughter of Malcolm II. Macbeth was sent to a Christian Monastery to be educated by monks. At the age of 15 Macbeth finds out that his father has been killed by his two cousins, Malcolm and Gillecomgain. Before Macbeth become the King of Scots he was the King of Moray. In 1040, Macbeth killed Duncan I in the battle of Burghead in Moray. Both Duncan and Macbeth gained there thrown from their respective mothers. Macbeths mother was possible the granddaughter of Kenneth III. After Macbeth killed Duncan, he assumed the position as The High King of Scotland. Before Macbeth could assume the position of the High King a board of Scottish leaders had to be convinced that Macbeth is worthy of being the High King of Scotland. From 1040 to 1045, were the most peaceful years of his ruling. In 1045, the peaceful streak was stopped by a domestic upheaval. For five years Crinan was bighting at Macbeth’s heels, then finally he raised a southern clans of Atholl against Macbeth. The Atholl troops met Macbeth’s troops fifteen miles north of Perth at Dunkeld. At the time there was a settlement called Dùn Chailleann. This settlement was once a seat of the primacy of Scotland, where a sixth-century church and monastery where St Colm had taught. …show more content…

Shakespeare has King Duncan killed by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth when he is visiting there castle. What actually happened was Macbeth killed Duncan in a battle. In “Macbeth” Shakespeare has Macbeth beheaded by Malcom, what actually happened was Macbeth at war with Máel Coluim mac Donnchada, the future King Malcom III, in the town of Aberdeenshire. Macbeth was killed by Malcom’s men as they brutally tried to return to Moray. Macbeth’s body was buried in the holy isle of Iona, where most of the Scottish kings are

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