Macbeth Movie Vs Play

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Macbeth is a play about a Scottish general (Macbeth) who receives a prophacy from three witches that states that one day, he wil become the king of Scotland. This makes Macbeth power hungry so he decides to murder the current king of Scotland, Duncan. As people grow more and more suspicious of who killed Duncan, Macbeth is forced to commit more murders in order to protect himself from being exposed. This leads to him becoming filled with paranoia and guilt, which ultimately is his major downfall. Shakespeare wrote this play in 1606 to make people realize that excessive ambition can have terrible consequences. Both the play and the movie incorporate murders into telling the story of Macbeth, but they do so in different ways.
Shakespeare made
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Macbeth was so focused on becoming king that he wanted to eliminate any threat that came his way. The three witches had warned him to watch out for Macduff, so Macbeth decided to kill him. Not knowing that Macduff had fled to England with Malcolm, Macbeth sent hired servents to go kill Macduff. When they realized that Macduff was not there, they decided to kill his family instead to prove the point that Macbeth is not afraid of Macduff. In the play, Macbeth is not present during the murder of Macduff’s family but in the movie he is. This was probably the biggest difference between the Macduff family murder in both versions of the story. Another big difference was that in the play when Ross told Macduff that his family had been viciously slaughtered, Macduff did not seem phased at all. He was not very upset, just a little mad. In the movie however, Macduff nearly dies himself when he hears the news that his family had been killed. They made it this way in the movie to make it more dramatic and suspensful to watch. Another major difference in this scene is that in the play, the son of Lady Macduff says “Thou liest, thou shag-haired villian!” (Macbeth 4.2.80). After he yells this at the murderer, the murderer stabs him to death. In the movie, the son never says this and it never shows him getting stabbed. The movie did this to give the audience a chance to envision what the murder was like on their own. The three big differences in the murder of Macduff’s family is Macbeth was part of the actual murder in the movie and not the play, Macduff does not get very emotional in the play but he does in the movie, and the movie does not show the son getting stabbed while the book
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