Macedonia Research Paper

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The name “Macedonia” is the oldest surviving name of a European country (The History of Macedonia). Macedonia is situated in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is on one of the few counties in the Balkans not situated on a sea (Nations Online). Even with a population of nearly five million people, Macedonia is one of the smallest countries in Europe (Britannica). Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, Macedonia gained its independence on September 8, 1991. It adopted its constitution on November 17, 1991. Previous to gaining independence, Macedonia went through many hardships that shaped it into what is it today. It was conquered by the Romans, Serbians, Bulgarians, and many more empires. After freeing itself from Ottoman rule, Macedonia continued their fight for independence and continued it for nearly one hundred years. Even after gaining independence, they …show more content…

Macedonia is home to more mountains and mountain peaks than any other country in the world. The world’s oldest and one of the deepest lakes, Orchid Lake, can be found in Macedonia. Its capital is Skopje. It is located at a major junction of communication routes. It has a north-south trade route from the Danube River to the Aegean Sea formed by the valleys of the Morava and Vardar rivers. It has an east-west trade route connecting the Black Sea with the Adriatic Sea (Britannica). Macedonia has four distinct seasons based on its geography. It has a moderate continental climate with warm, dry summers and cool winters with a fair amount of precipitation. Its average monthly temperature in the summer is seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit. Periods of extreme warmth often end up with heavy thunderstorms Macedonia’s fall is dry and its winter is very cold. The average temperature during winter months is thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit with snow, wind, and light rainfall (What’s the Weather Like in

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