Machiavelli's Traits Of The Prince

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After reading Machiavelli’s main points in “Traits of the Prince”, I would remix his traits and give these following advices to an up-and-coming presidential candidate:
• If you’re going to be generous, be generous to all types of people. Don’t be bias over color, race, religion, etc.
• Reserve cruelty for traitors and the enemy.
• Keep a balance of being feared and being loved. If you’re too loved, show something that will make you feared and vice versa.
• Follow the five qualities (merciful, faithful, humane, trustworthy, and religious) as meaningfully as you can instead of just “appearing” to follow them. If you’re taking the time to pretend, might as well go the extra mile and try to be genuinely like it.
• Limit the festival rewards you
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However, it has been mentioned in the news that Donald Trump seems to be the most Machiavellian of all due to his brashness and challenging of the current form of the government (Cuzan 2016). A specific Machiavellian principle I’ve seen Trump put to play is the “it’s better to be feared than love” idea. Due to his brashness not only with his words but with his ideal policies, a lot of people have been afraid of the absurdity and possibility that what he says may actually happen. The fear seemed to work but only because of the fact that his followers loved how he made others fear. The people who fear him are different from the people who love him so it is unclear if it is better to be feared or loved. Another principle he used is knowing “how to manipulate the minds of men by shrewdness.” He accomplishes this by being politically incorrect in the way he speaks. This seems to motivate some of his followers, but overall, people just seem to be offended about the things a future possible leader does not filter what he tells the whole world. It gives him a dictator effect, and that means the Machiavellian practices he utilized were not effective. In the grand scheme of things, Machiavellian practices do not seem to work as well in modern United States of America. This may be because the advice is made for a prince instead of a president
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