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What is Macro photography: Macro photography is an image where the subject ranges from 1:10 to 1:1 the size of the original subject. Many macro photographs focus on very small objects like insects and technology. Composition Techniques: Basic composition techniques play a vital role in macro photography. The execution of these techniques can make or break your photo. Lighting can be used to highlight the center of interest and add depth to your photo. Depth of Field or Selective Focus aids in eliminating backgrounds that are hectic in order to make the subject highly apparent in your photo. This make it easier for the viewer to focus on the minute details often overlooked. Camera Angle is especially important to macro photography.…show more content…
Industrial photography is a type of imaging in which institutions both public and private describe to the world what they do, what they sell, and/or what they manufacture. The target audience can be inside or outside of the institution itself. Marketing uses macro photography for selling small things like jewelry or diamonds. Just think of all of the close up advertisements of food and other items on billboards. Where to Find Macro Photography: Macro photography is all around us, so it comes as no surprise that you can find macro photography in many different publications. Take for example Modern Biology by John H. Postlethwait and Janet L. Hopson. Many pictures in this book are examples of macro photography. In just the first few pages there are eight examples of macro photography! On page three there is an especially good example, it is a close up of a tree frog clinging to a leaf. Textbooks are not the only place to find examples of macro photography; this technique is present in many magazines. National Geographic is a great place to find macro pictures. In this month’s issue there are way too many too count. There are extreme examples of macro photography, like the view of macaque’s eyelashes. What about the latest issue of Seventeen? Those super close shots of accessories and makeup are prime examples of macrophotography. The first page of this month’s issue is nail polishes add, where you

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