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“Freedom isn’t free” (various artists sing song) is the one quote that describes the hardship and difficulties that Madagascar has experienced, since the 7th Century all the way until their independence in June of 1960 Madagascar and its people have been in constant turmoil. Through its eventful past it is easy to see how Madagascar gained its history, culture, and religion, this is the identity that the country has shifted to over this vast amount of time. Archeologists such as Jarred Diamond, the author of “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, place the first humans in Madagascar as the Austronesian people from Indonesia around 500BC. It is believed that the Malagasy people came directly from Indonesia to Madagascar; this is evident through the…show more content…
It seems several of the world’s greatest discoveries are on accident. Over the next several years the French and the English attempted settlements and control on Madagascar but failed miserably, one memorable Christmas day 1672 local tribe members attacked Fort Dauphine (the current French colony) brutally and purposefully killing fourteen men and thirteen women. This massacre is rumored to have been because these fourteen men deserted and divorced native Malagasy women in order to marry younger and purer French women. This battle lasted a long eighteen months as the French remained barricaded in their fort while the angry tribal members raged battle. In 1674 thirty remaining men and the one widow were saved by the arrival of the French East India Company. The next several years between 1680 and 1725 Madagascar was a famed and feared pirate cove, which during these years hundreds of European vessels were ransacked of all their valuables and scrapped to the island, as a result Madagascar became on of Europe’s most feared shipping routes. The Merina monarchy began about 1795 with king Andrianampoinimerina, who by marrying various princesses of different Merina clans united the Merina kingdom and began his conquest over Madagascar. King Andrianampoinimerina was a military genius and excellent strategist, thought to be equally respected and feared as other great military leaders such as Alexander the Great and

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