Maggie Lautier Research Paper

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On February 2, 1992 Maggie Lauterer, a local television news celebrity quit her job and signed up to run for the United States Congress as a democrat. Maggie was asked to run by the Democratic leaders of her district. They thought that her celebrity appeal was their ticket to congress. Maggie was from the 11th congressional district in North Carolina. She was the very first women to run for Congress from her district. Maggie was a moderate on issues like crime, abortion, and the economy. Her district though, had a very conservative attitude. Although, Maggie was a Christian she supported abortion and because of that she lost many voters. Maggie believed in running a clean campaign. She was running against Charles Taylor, who was a seasoned…show more content…
In order to do this she would go out and talk to people and really try to connect with the people. She believed that it was better to show the people that she cares and that she is not just another shallow politician. In the film, Maggie is shown talking to the potential voters. In fact her campaign manager, Grier Weeks, said one time he had to “drag her away so she would stop talking” . She is also shown fundraising for her campaign. One of the ways she fundraised was by making “money calls”. Another way she fundraised was she went to New York and talked with the rich democratic…show more content…
She learned many things just by experience, but she also learned many things from her campaign team. . She also had debate coaches that coached her before her debate with her opponent, Charles Taylor. Her debate coaches taught her the basics of debating. Her campaign manager, Grier Weeks, taught her and advised her throughout her campaign. She also received pointers from the experts like, Jim Margolis. Jim was Bill Clinton’s media advisor. Jim sat down with Maggie and gave her great advice about how to answer questions and how to avoid answering questions she did not want to. This helped Maggie during interviews and debates.
Maggie changed through her experience with the American Political system. As a result of her experience, Maggie became a stronger, more outspoken, more confident, and more passionate leader. In the beginning of her campaign her husband, Zack Allen said “She would rather be herself than win.” Although she did change as a result of American Politics her morals did not. Maggie once said “If you have to become somebody else in order to win, have you won?” This shows that Maggie strongly believed in keeping her campaign about what she believed in and who she was, and not transforming to what others wanted her to
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