Essay on Main Disagreements Over the Constitution

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The three consequences of the constitution are: the right of individuals enjoy such strong legal protections that at times they frustrate the will of the majority, the obstacles placed in the way of passing legislation create a strong bias toward the status quo, and even though the constitution makes it difficult to pass legislation, it has created a system that is sufficiently flexible to meet the country’s changing needs. The compromises necessary for the Constitution to be formed, because it is the only thing that could save the Convention from failure is by compromising. Additionally, The main aim of the Constitution was to create a solid elected government, directly receptive of people’s well. The concept of self- government did not …show more content…

The House of Representative is part of government most responsive to public opinion; the House of Representatives is one of the branches that help electing the leaders of the government. House members face reelection every two years, and the entire frame is elected at the same time. Also, the senate is a branch that helps to elect leaders of the government; the Senate is a body of statesmen who make decisions based on experience and wisdom, those decisions are not predictable by the nation. Every two years only one-third of the Senate is elected. The Senate is the more powerful house than the House of Representatives. To become a senate required higher qualifications and more strict than being in the House of Representatives. The Senate also is more stable and formal and powers are equally distributed between the members. The Senate has more power because they serve longer than the members of the House of Representatives. In the senate, people have no intervention on the senators’ decisions. On the other hand, they created the House of Representative to make people get involve in some of their decisions. Over the past centuries, a lot of countries have faced and experienced highly distractive conflict between their people. The formulation of the constitution plays an important role in the political and governance transition. Constitution made after conflict and disagreement between members, they made the

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