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Independent and mainstream films have the same ability to showcase a compelling story, however, there is a blurred line to differentiate the two, some are clearer and others are hard to separate. An independent film can be identified by its production value, budget, the topic and production company. All of these attributes can be taken into account when analysing a film if it’s an independent or mainstream film, but they can overlap with each other as both types of films are hard to define. Additionally, independent film is an exclusive term which can mean different things, on the other hand, a mainstream film is associated with commercial success, a big budget, popular actors and famous distribution companies. A mainstream film is targeted to a mass audience, with a likable narrative which can create a form of…show more content…
The first films that will argue this is ‘Me Before You’ (2016) directed by Thea Sharrock, as the film deals with a young man who is quadriplegic, due to a horrific traffic accident. The character can be received in different ways by the audience, as the film’s main male protagonist presents a minority group, the essay will argue if the approach, compromised the disability by not being accurate or authentic or does it still reach a broader audience with its flaws. The second film is an independent drama, ‘Still Alice’ (2014) directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, that deals with a middle age woman who has to come to terms with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The film was a critical success, many pointing out the films authentic feel and accuracy to Alzheimer’s disease. However, the film being on a much smaller scale than ‘Me Before You’ (MBY), disallowed the topic to stream to a broader
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