Major League Baseball Playoffs Alds And Alcs

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Major League Baseball Playoffs ALDS and ALCS Baseball starts in the spring and ends in the fall with a total of 162 games that every team must play. The playoffs start about a week after the regular season ends, and is composed of eight teams in total, four from both the National and American league. The Playoffs are divided into 3 series, the first one being the ALDS or the NLDS in which two teams face off in a best-of-five-game series. The American and National League are each divided in a best-of-seven-game series. The world series which reigns the best baseball team in the league is made up of 7 games in which 2 teams; one from the National and American league have to reach to seven games to win the championship title. However,…show more content…
The final criteria is that every player should play their bodies off making sensational plays that will be highlighted the next day on ESPN Sports center. Overall the playoffs were one for the records because my evaluation consists of achieving in all aspects of the game. The road to the actual playoffs began in a single game in which the Houston Astros defeated the Yankees in an effort to win the last playoff spot. Two days later after their win the Astros faced the Kansas City Royals and this series lasted the 5 games. Sadly for the Astros, the Royals won the series and advanced to the ALCS. The Royals did everything right but they wouldn’t have done it without the help of Alcides Escobar who got on base almost every single game and Eric Hosmer who hit a couple of home runs and managed to get an RBI in almost every game. This series was really intense because all the games were played; meaning that there was a tie between the teams and games 5 was the last shot for both of them. Both of these teams played really good and players from both teams made a lot of sensational plays that led their teams to a win. Alex Gordon a former gold glove award winner who is always diving for impossible fly balls didn’t fail to make several catches. Mike Moustakas playing the hot corner managed to snatch every single shot that was hit towards
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