Major League Baseball Playoffs Alds And Alcs

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Major League Baseball Playoffs ALDS and ALCS Baseball starts in the spring and ends in the fall with a total of 162 games that every team must play. The playoffs start about a week after the regular season ends, and is composed of eight teams in total, four from both the National and American league. The Playoffs are divided into 3 series, the first one being the ALDS or the NLDS in which two teams face off in a best-of-five-game series. The American and National League are each divided in a best-of-seven-game series. The world series which reigns the best baseball team in the league is made up of 7 games in which 2 teams; one from the National and American league have to reach to seven games to win the championship title. However, the teams must win the championship title for their division first. The reason why I chose to evaluate the playoffs is because the playoffs are happening right now as we speak and I’ve always love baseball since I was a young kid. Currently the playoffs are on the championship series and in a couple days everyone will find out which teams will be playing the World Series. The playoffs are not that complicated to evaluate but like any other viewer I have my criterias. The first criteria I’m using are based on the teams who played in the ALDS and ALCS since the World Series is about to start. The first team I’m looking for in a team is the players and which players will carry their team up to the World Series. Another one is how intense the…

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