Majoring In Medical Schools: A Case Study

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To make a final decision about whether biology is the right major for me and the University of Miami is fathomable, I had to do a little research. I interviewed three people to give me a broader perspective about majoring in biology and possibly pursuing the major at the University of Miami. I toured the campus in person and virtually to get a feel for the 4-year university I may be attending. Also, I searched for medical schools to help me decide if majoring in biology would benefit me, what I need to get into medical school and what I want in a medical school. I will research what each medical school has to offer and which school I think would be the best fit. Miller School of Medicine is associated with the University of Miami but I will research to find out what it has to offer research, and residency wise. Brody School of Medicine is located in North Carolina, which would be a reason to stay here. It is a newer medical school so is a newer or older medical school better? Baylor College of Medicine is in Houston, Texas making it an outlier but is one of the top research Universities in the U.S (Best Med Schools: Research. US News & World Report).

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These are three different medical schools in very different locations but I wanted to determine whether all medical schools have pretty much the same pre-requisites. I am going to include research for all three to decide which medical school would be best. If I am not going to major in the sciences I need to know if just standard pre-health courses would be enough to get into medical school. Medical schools are extremely competitive so would it benefit me to major in Spanish or
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