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Makes Me Wanna Holler

The book I read was Makes Me Wanna Holler by Nathan McCall (1994). The book is autobiographical and describes Nathan's (Nate) experiences. My initial assumptions were that Nathan probably had a difficult life if the title of the book is Makes Me Wanna Holler. I suppose I figured that he would describe the injustices being an African-American male. As far as my initial assumptions about African-Americans I knew that it was difficult to live in an oppressed culture, but I had no idea that it was as difficult as it is.

In the book oppression is one of the central themes. Nate talks about oppression throughout the book. He begins by talking about his initial contact with white people. He talks about being
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He talks about how exciting and cool it was to do it at the time, but looking back at it he realizes that they had, "thought we loved sisters but that we actually hated them. We hated them because they were black and we were black and, on some level much deeper then we realized, we hated the hell out of ourselves." (McCall, 1994). This self-hatred makes him not really care about what he thinks, but only what other people think and this ends up getting him into trouble.

He ends up in jail and while he is in there he does a lot of reflecting on his life and he began to really understand why he was angry with white people. He also begins to stop hating himself and decides that he is going to find happiness.

In working with a client like Nate McCall it would first be necessary to address our ethnic differences. I'm not sure that he would be willing to open up to me since I am white, but he definitely would not if the issue of race was not talked about. I think it would be necessary to talk about oppression as well. The pervasiveness, restricting, hierarchical, and internalized features of oppression would definitely need to be discussed. Institutional oppression would also need to be addressed. I would try to empathize with Nate and really understand his worldview. I think I would probably try to do some existential work with him and help him to discover meaning in his life. I think that learning to choose what