Making Pottery On A Wheel

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Making pottery on a wheel is a form of art that takes time and skill. Each piece is unique, but each one is made using the same process. Learning the basic process of spinning pottery will begin you on the path to making a successful and beautiful bowl or vase. It is so easy to become addicted to this type of artwork, especially if you are a perfectionist like me, because of the symmetry and small details involved. Ceramics takes time to make, however the outcome is definitely worth it. Clay, a wheel, and water are basic necessities in making pottery. Going to a pottery shop or, if you are in school, taking a ceramics class can be the easiest ways to get ahold of these materials. Some other things you will probably want to use is sponges and a set of tools. Tools are used to help sculpt the pottery which will be put into more detail late. Also, when spinning clay, it can make a mess so I highly suggest an apron or clothes you do not mind getting dirty. To begin making your piece of pottery you will need clay. Clay usually comes in massive blocks so cut off approximately a four by four-inch block. This block must be transformed into a sphere to make it easier to center. Smacking the corners in on the block with your hands helps make this sphere. If you have troubles forming the sphere with your hands alone, use a table to roll it. Use the center of your hand and move the clay in circular motion to create the sphere. Once the clay is formed in a sphere you will take it to the

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