Dtlls 223 Wider Professional Practice Essay

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Dtlls 110 Roles, responsibilities and boundaries within teaching By Carolyn Handley I teach ceramics to level students in a certified class. My role as a teacher is to create stimulating classes giving the learners the opportunity to develop and achieve skills associated with ceramics practices. I start by firstly understanding the assesment criteria set out by the AS board,…show more content…
Understanding Health and Safety issues are a pre requisit to handling any clay or associated materials. If not understood and respected these can be hazardous to health. Handouts are given to each pupil on induction. We talk through all points on the sheet. What to do. What not to do and why. Eg clay dust is carcinogenic “dangerous when inhaled into the lungs” therefore we use; wet process; in clearing and using clay so not to create dust. Handing out sheets and reading points out together is an example of Covering different learning styles, visual, audio or kinsthetic. One pupil may take information in visually ,handouts cover this ,while another pupil understanding verbally i.e. listening, talking through points on the sheet is the best way to absorb information. The first lessons are concerned with a lot of verbal assessment and discussion, in order to gauge levels of experience pupils may have had prior to beginning my group. (At primary school Kishnama worked with a ceramic artist making and decorating tiles). During the first lessons with my A Level group, I neglected to talk about prior learning. One identifiable weakness in my planning. It is my responsibility to break down an overall scheme of work into lesson plans, identifying aims and learning outcomes through listing what I intend to demonstrate. E.g. in a scheme of work “hand building forms” would be written. My session plan would/should

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