Malcolm Of The Malcolm X Journey

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The Malcolm X Journey
Malcolm Little was born in the mid twentieth century, these were difficult times for the black youth. As Little grew older he knew there needed to be change, he was one of the few people that was capable of making that happen for the fellow African-American and African. At a very young age Malcolm grasped the concept that there 's something not right, that there needed to be an alteration and thus is where he started his studies. Malcolm needed to be outspoken he wanted to achieve a certain impact on others. So he began reading into law, that was the only way for him to get some kind of basic education. In the midst of his devotion to start a revolution, Malcolm Little 's father was killed. The rage and anger he had took over him and Malcolm became rebellious. Malcolm let go of all his dreams that he once had and he became a troubled child and started committing felonies targeting white people, such as armed robbery, burglary. In 1946 he was arrested, it was then and there where he sat and the unconscious became conscious once again all because of a great influence. Malcolm Little then changed to Malcolm X, he believed that “X” was his slave name that was lost. Malcolm X was empowering arising the new man that brought hope and awakened influence to those that mered not to have a voice of their own. I will try to layout some of the influences that Malcolm had and the impact he made on others, the achievements that this man made throughout his time
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