Malcolm X Assassination Essay

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Jayden Bohannon Mr.Cheney 9th Grade Literature December 7th 2017 The Unjust Assassination of Malcolm X At the young age of 39, Malcolm X was assassinated by Thomas Hagan in cold blood. In Washington Heights, New York City , NY in the Audubon Ballroom(Malcolm X Assassinated), he was shot 15 times at point blank range. The date of February 21, 1965 signified the Nation of Islam's, once great leader’s fall. Although Malcolm X was seen as dangerous because of his disagreement to non violent protest, his Assassination was not justified because he was a Public face and played a large role in the civil right movement, He openly pointed to and helped educate fighters on the role of government police agencies in attempts to undermine the …show more content…

“ But for those who had been paying closer attention to him, Malcolm X was an uncompromising advocate for the urban poor and working class black America,”(Zaheer). He didn’t just support “non-violence” but self defense, instead of urging integration he embraced black self-determination. His tactics reserved the morals of people who entrusted in social justice. “Malcolm X has often been described as one of the most influential African Americans in history,”(Assassination of Malcolm X). Contrary to one's beliefs, X was a firm believer in the education of fighters on the role of government policy agencies attempt to undermine the Black struggle. As a given, any fighter serious about opposing racism, knew that “The government will use spies, provocateurs, dirty tricks, and assassination to try to disrupt and derail the struggle,”(The Militant). Groups who hoped to advance the struggle were not completely hopeless in the government’s disruption efforts. “Every such organization that claims to fight for the oppressed has the responsibility to conduct itself in a manner that will make the movement, its organizations, and members as impervious as possible to the stock-and-trade of secret police operations: agent-baiting, poison pen letters, and the resolution of political differences by acts of thuggery, murder, and so on,”(The Militant0. Although Malcolm X was seen as dangerous because of

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