Malcolm X : War Between Race

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Martha Ancajas Hist 17b Fall 16 Dr. Martinez Nov. 15, 2016 Malcolm X: War between Race Malcolm X, born on March 25, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska, is a prominent figure for the African-American in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement. His experience as an ghettoed African-American youth has exceptionally brought hope to the African-American community even in the midst of hatred and oppression in a white privileged society. Malcolm’s exceptional leadership was the roots of his underlying experience from a young African-American who saw his dad died killed by a white man, broke his home, crushed his dreams by a white teacher, become a hustler, and spent jail has affected his life. His experiences overshadowed his unique strategies towards equality to the society that treated him and the African-American community so unfairly. His belief of Islam religion had pushed him towards the segregation of the African Americans from White society to achieve greatness and civil rights. His advocacy was geared towards arm to emphasized black pride, unity, and self-respect. Unlike Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X stood for desegregation through a unique approach that other prominent African-American leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. whom believes that non-violence and noncombatant are the main tactics to achieve a fair and equal American society. However, Malcolm X believes that King’s ideal approach of civil rights does not achieve desegregation rather only portrays that the
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