Malcolm X vs MLK

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Shalonda Woods
October 5, 2014
College Composition

Malcolm X vs. Richard Wright

In the excerpts from Coming to the Awareness of Language by Malcolm X and The
Library Card by Richard Wright, both writers turned to education to aid them in reestablishing their cultural identities; however, each had different ways of learning and motivations to acquire knowledge. Malcolm X and Richard Wright was profoundly change dby their education. Both
Malcolm X and Richard Wright started their lives with many disadvantages. Although it was an ongoing journey, their struggles had given them confidence in writing for people to follow. In both these essays, both men write about how they educated themselves. Despite the differences in their …show more content…

This literacy prompted Malcolm X to find an interest in history, but not just history, the history
"white men" left out. He became further interested in this topic, and found himself dig deeper and deeper. His interest was never slowed, even years later, and he gives all the credit to the homemade education he gave himself in prison. He states, "I have often reflected upon the new vistas that reading

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