Male Beast Vs Beauty And The Beast

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Throughout the course of our history, there have been many different types of fairy tales adaptations being created. There has been different adaptations made into books, movies, and films. Every adaptation has a different central idea on what their adaption signifies. For example, in Disney’s version Beauty and the Beast, it has different meaning and central ideal aiming towards its viewers. In contrast, the fairytale narrative by Beaumont has a total different view for its readers. Films and readings are very different, films tend to create a more visual and sound perspective view. As the narratives, tend to create a visual look in mind, it tends to imagine it more realistically for the readers. However, not only can these be the only significance difference in these different adaptations, some differences can depend on the perspective, media, form, and narrative they were created. For instance, the animated Beauty and the Beast has different forms due for it being a film. Some of the differences can be…. Films have been a way to interact more to its viewers, its gives them a sense of realistic meanings. For example in Beauty and the Beast we see “female glance”, being interpreted in many ways into the animated film. Female glance is an alternative spectator position to the “male gaze”, where both positions are generated by the way the film is created. Likewise, on the perspective of the “male gaze” it privileges the male perspective through both narrative and camera
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