Malee Swot Analysis

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Malee Analysis General information: Malee Sampran Plc. is the manufacturer and distributor of processed agricultural products such as canned fruit, UHT and pasteurized fruit juice, canned coffee, canned tea, drinking water in PET bottle and aseptic bag under Malee brands and customers’ brands in domestic and overseas markets. In addition, the Company is also a distributor of Farm Chokchai brands for UHT and pasteurized milk. Due to the Company has been accepted by the customers for more than 30 years, the Company, under the management of the experienced and capable management team, has grown continuously with several products available in the domestic and export markets. Strength: • Large Amount of Budget As at December 31, 2010…show more content…
However, the growth of value market in 2008 grew up 20% comparing with year 2007, the ministry of commerce forecasted that Thai fruit market expected to achieve 6% in 2009. The fruit market slow down due to global economic especially, the pineapple market that accounted for 60%of total export market; and relied on the US market for its export destination. Weakness: • Negative Financial Performance The Company’s financial performance did not meet the intended target. The Company suffered net loss for a few years which led to the negative shareholders’ equity. Consequently, the Company received the noticed letter from the SET on March 10, 2009 that the SET would consider delisting the Company if they could not comply with the listing requirements. • Legal Dispute On May 31, 2001, the Company was sued by Boon Malee Food Processing Co., Ltd. for requesting the Company to pay debt for the rental of Baht 1,975,680. . The Court of the First Instance judged to be the Red Case No. Sor. 293/2547, which forced the defendant to repay Baht 1,975,680 with interest of 7.5% p.a. after the sue date until the completion of the case. Laterr, the Provincial Court of Thanurbury appointed to hear the decision of the Supreme Court on December 12, 2008. The Defendant filed the complaint to the court that the Plaintiff

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