Malnutrition And Its Effects On Children

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II. Background (Malnutrition) Malnutrition is when an individual is lacking proper nutrition. Children throughout the world are affected by malnutrition from not receiving proper breast feeding after birth to not receiving the correct nutritious food a child needs to grow. Malnutrition can stunt a child’s growth, cause defects to a child’s immune system, making it more likely for the child to die from a common flu or bug. Malnutrition has been affecting many individuals lives since the 1800s. Malnutrition affected more people back then due to the lack of information on what food to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, we did not know about germs back then, so it was very unsanitary making it easier for germs to be shared …show more content…

III. UN Involvement (Malnutrition)

Due to the fact that almost 13% of children in the world are affected by malnutrition, the UN has taken many actions in attempting to prevent malnutrition in children around the world. The UN has raised over 4 billion dollars and created UNICEF to help improve nutrition in children and mothers all around the world. UNICEF has promised to keep on contributing large amounts of money to help support countries with high rates of malnutrition. UNICEF and many other UN organizations welcomed the “Global Nutrition for Growth Compact” and it’s goal is to help improve nutrition around the world. Also the FAO has been making many improvements to help increase nutrition in children and mothers. Also the UN created the SUN (Scaling Up Nutrition) Movement has raised lots of awareness about malnutrition. At the event, UNICEF pledged to continue its own investment in strengthening nutrition in countries worst-affected by stunting and other forms of undernutrition – an investment represented by more than 350 nutrition experts working with governments and local communities in some 65 countries, backed by a financial contribution that has seen around $1 billion spent by UNICEF on improving nutrition over the last five years. UNICEF was among several United Nations agencies welcoming the formal Global Nutrition for Growth Compact agreed by participants that

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