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Mama’s Gone

She had been sick for a year, at least. The reason for her illness went undiagnosed, that is, until three days before she went away. A doctor finally said, “Osteoarthritis-- it’s treatable.” We blew a sigh of relief. Three days later relief was nullified-- forever. I discovered my mother gone, and her leaving left a hole in my life, heart, and soul.

Saturday, July 25, 1998, started out with a drive to Eckerd Drug across the city of Norman to pick up more prescriptions for my mother, who had been throwing up and suffering from diarrhea all night long. When I returned home she took all five of her medications plus the three new ones. I went back to bed and tried to sleep, since I had had …show more content…

For some reason, I looked at Erin’s digital clock in her car at 8:13 p.m. and said to Erin, “Mom’s been so sick, and I’m so scared that she’s not going to live much longer.”

“Don’t say that. I’m sure she’ll be fine,” said Erin.

“But I’m really scared.”

“It’ll be okay,” Erin tried to reassure me. Little did we know.

We drove around for an hour longer, became bored and went home. When we got back to my house, Erin, Lisa, and Gavin stayed in the living room as I went down the hall to let Powder, our dog, outside to go to the bathroom. I walked around my mother’s bed to the patio door and opened it and called for Powder to go out. He was lying on my mother’s bed at her feet. I called to him, “Come on, Powder, go out.” I was calling as quietly as I could; since, I didn’t want to wake up my mom. She needed her rest after last night. But he just whined and wouldn’t move. I finally went over to him, picked him up, and put him outside. He just sat outside the door and stared in at me.

I thought his behavior was weird but turned to exit her bedroom, walking cautiously in the dark, trying not to wake her. As I got about five steps across the room, at the foot of her bed I realized she wasn’t snoring. I stopped, stood perfectly still, and held my breath so I could hear her breathing. Nothing. I quietly crossed to the other side of

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