Mama's Gun Analysis

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“ I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the individual, the person who doesn’t conform.” stated Erykah Badu. Erykah is known as one of the “ sister of soul”. She gets involved with her fans through her music. Erykah uses real life situations to reach out to her fans. She is creative, wise, relatable, and demands respect. She often showcase freedom of speech in her lyrics, videos, and performance.
“Bag lady you gone hurt your back. Dragging all them bags like that. I guess nobody ever told you. All you must hold onto Is you, is you, is you” The song Bag Lady from the album Mama’s Gun is sending a message to all women who have had issues with relationships, self esteem, and being sober. Eryka tells them that …show more content…

Girl I know sometimes it's hard. And we can't let go. Oh when someone hurts you oh so bad inside. You can't deny it You can't stop crying” Notice that she uses “I” and “we”. “So can I get a window seat? Don't want nobody, next to me. I just want a ticket outta town, A look around, and a safe touch down. Can I get a window seat? Don't want nobody, next to me. I just want a chance to fly A chance to cry, and a long bye” This song Window Seat from the album New Amerykah is to reassure her fans that isolation is fine. Sometimes being alone can help clear your mind where you can see the big picture of life.
Unfortunately, we have all seen or heard about the video of Window Seat.She has a purpose and I very much support the idea of her stripping down. The idea was very crafty and creative. In this video, Erykah pulls up in a Lincoln that resembles the car that JFK was riding in on the day of assassination in Texas. She strips out of her clothes and as she walk in pure nudity she sings “But I need you to want, me I, need you to miss, me I, need yo' attention, yes I need you next me, I need someone to clap for me. I need your direction” which is

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