One Bullet Away Analysis

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One Bullet Away is a military memoir written by and about Nathaniel Fick’s terrifying journey through blood, sweat and tears in Iraq and Afghanistan. The story is divided into three parts: peace, war and aftermath. During the “peace” phase of the story Fick is introduced as the main character as he develops useful skills while going through military training. This part mainly takes place in Quantico, Virginia and San Diego, California. Taking up the majority of the story is the “war” phase. Even more characters are introduced and the plot is thickened as Fick meets his platoon and is shipped to Afghanistan and later Iraq. While on tour, Fick experiences a lot of action filled moments and hard times that keep the book fast paced and easy to read. The “aftermath” section of the story consists of Fick returning home and the struggles of returning back to his normal life. The purpose of Fick choosing to write this book was to show what life was like fighting overseas and to provide the community a first hand account of a global event. No civilian living back in The United States could ever truly know what war is like, but by writing this book Fick helped people understand. Overall, Fick choose a more downbeat and serious tone for this book. Without even having to try, it makes sense and fits perfectly seeing how the story is mainly about war, which is usually not an upbeat event.

The theme of One Bullet Away is that war is cruel. One reason why Fick wrote his memoir was to

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