Monologue Of Mr. Morrison

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I was talkin’ to Mama and she just doesn’t understand. She just don’t get it, does she. I mean how could she? I like Mr. Morrison n all but Papa told me to take care of them. Not Mr. Morrison. I can handle all the things round here. Why I’m almost in 8th grade. I can do jus as much as him! I bet I even gotta better shot than him too. I don’t know why Mama don’t have no faith in me. There have been many times I’ve proven myself worthy. I don’t understand what those whites got against us. Ain't we jus as good as them? Whas so different between them n us. It’s jus a color ain’t it? What if they were treated like us? How would they like it?Everytime they drive that stupid bus by us they always gotta drive right in those puddles. There gonna get

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